Welcome to Australia

Australia really is the country with everything you dream about. Beautiful dramatic landscapes, breathtaking beaches, colourful cities with superb shops and reataurants, friendly people and a great climate are just some of the aspects of Australia you are certain to enjoy. You’ll find a vibrant multi-cultural society and it is this diversity of influences that contributes directly to the rich cultural tapestry within the country. Continue reading “Welcome to Australia”

Qantas Vacation

President Travel feels proud to add one more decoration to its product QANTAS HOLIDAYS effective from 1995 to nurture our valued customers for the well arranged travel services. Qantas Holidays is operated by Jetabout North America Inc. Jetabout has been operating in the US and Canadian market for 12 years. It has a huge range of travel products that will suit every interest and budget at prices that provide the savings that every customer deserve. It has worldwide Hotel reservation, Tour packages, sightseeing and so on. Continue reading “Qantas Vacation”

Qantas in Asia

A Familiar Face

Qantas began flying to Singapore more than 60 years ago and rapidly expanded services to other parts of Asia after World War II. As part of an airmail service to the United Kingdom, a four-engine DH86 biplane made the first Qantas overseas flight in February 1935 from Brisbane and Darwin to Singapore. Regular passenger flights began in April 1935. Pioneering mail, passenger and freight services – interrupted by the war – have developed into a comprehensive network linking Australia with 11 countries in North Asia and South East Asia. Continue reading “Qantas in Asia”

Business Overview

The Qantas Group

The Qantas Group operates an extensive network serving Australia and other countries in Asia and the Pacific, the Americas, the UK, Europe and southern Africa. The Group services 120 destinations (57 in Australia and 63 overseas), carried more than 20 million passengers in 1999/2000 and employs around 30,000 people worldwide. It operates 151 aircraft – 107 in the core Qantas jet fleet and a further 44 flown by four regional subsidiary airlines serving all Australian states and mainland territories. Continue reading “Business Overview”