Greenline, vision shared by five men

Nepal with her geography of mountains, hills & plains can be best seen by traveling on the roads. The hilltops doted with villages, small brooks and ranging rivers can be best appreciated by traveling over land. Unfortunately transportation in Nepal had not been geared keeping the needs of tourist in mind. Greenline came into being for this purpose. To provide for tourist visiting Nepal a safe convenient and affordable mode of road transportation.

 Greenline was born 10000 feet in the air. It was a vision shared by five men. Men who were experts in their own field. Some were hoteliers while others restauranteurs and Airlines personnel. They believed that Nepal with her unique geography needed a bus service geared especially to meet the needs of the tourists. Bus services, which would suit the timings of the tourist, services which are up to international standards and safety. A company which would be recognized internationally for providing good and affordable means of transportation so as to leave a good and wonderful memory for departing tourists of the beautiful countryside of Nepal.

 Greenline has currently five buses servicing the three main tourists destination of Nepal. It has daily bus services leaving from Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan leaving in the morning and arriving by the late afternoon. The plush interiors have been specially designed to provide a comfortable journey while the big windows offer a panoramic view of the countryside. The fully air-conditioned interiors will keep you cool during hot summers and humid monsoon while the soon to be installed heaters will keep one warm and cozy during the winters.

 The existing transport facilities in Nepal are either too expensive or without any comfort and reliability. The choice is too limited, and we all are aware that travel operators are facing problems to float dependable packages for individual or small groups with comfort, reliability. Realizing the facts, Greenline started its operation from October31, 1997 and has been spearheading the newest concept in Travel Transport and has become the choice for the discerning traveler. It is the culmination of various experience in the field of Tour and Transport.

 Expertly infrastructure by the cooperative efforts of board of directors, all experts entrepreneurs in their own field such as hotels, tours, finance, catering etc. all of them had shared their valued experiences and time to provide the excellence required in promoting this new concept in travel and transport services to provide comfort if not ultra luxury in inter-city shutting. Having catered to more than twenty fife thousand passengers within this short period of its operation.

 On board an ever smiling hostess welcome the passengers and tends to their needs, the luxury car chairs in a plush interior and with the accompaiment of soothing channel music with timely refreshments are the Greeline's highlight. The experience will be similar to flying on the ground.

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