Gulf Air’s in-flight entertainment system

Gulf Air has made a major investment in an advanced multi-channel in-flight entertainment system for its Airbus A340s and Boeing 767 aircraft. The latest Matsushita System 2000 is available in the airline's entire ultra-long and long-haul fleet of Airbus A340-300s and B767-300ERs.The multi-channel system is in line with Gulf Air's objective to provide passengers with as varied a selection of programming as possible - from light entertainment to in-depth information features, which will meet our passengers multi-national needs.

First and Business Class passengers have arm-rest mounted Personal Video Screens, larger than most other airline's systems, and with higher resolution pictures on liquid crystal monitors, giving access to six diverse channels. First Class passengers also have a Personal Video Player and extensive video library from which to choose. Economy Class passengers can enjoy a channel that has been designed to feature a cross-section of light entertainment and informative programmes.

Channel 1

Pear is available in all three classes, is a cross-section of comedy, cartoons, music, celebrity interviews and movie reviews - aimed at a broad audience cross-section.

Channel 2 & 3

Hollywood blockbuster movies.

Channel 4

Falcon Focus is an informative channel with in-depth science, travel, fashion, nature and sports features.

Channel 5

Taslyat Al Fadha is the Arabic channel, featuring sports, nature, comedy, music, drama and nature.

Channel 6

Tamasha Mahal caters to Hindi speaking passengers with music, Hollywood updates, sport, fashion, celebrity interviews and travel.

In addition, Gulf Air screens the award-winning ITN News. All programming is changed every two months with versions for inbound and outbound sectors.

Gulf Air's passengers have a further entertainment option in the new Compact Disc audio system. The CD system offers greater clarity of sound and an extended play period of more than 15 hours of programming.

The audio system comprises 10 channels including comedy, classics, the latest chart sounds, Golden Oldies, the Holy Quran, Arabic and Gulf songs, and Hindi music. There is also a dedicated Children's Channel featuring stories and songs from well known children's characters for those up to nine years old and pop star interviews, TV gossip and movie news for teenagers. A channel dedicated to relaxation includes calming music, tension-releasing exercises and breathing exercises to aid sleep.

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