Reservation Service

At Gulf Air passengers come in touch with our very special style of service, long before they step on board our flights. From the moment a passenger makes a reservation, he experiences a friendly, quick and reliable service. In Reservations we offer a host of convenient benefits, designed not only with the passenger in mind, but also for ease of operation by our associates in the travel trade. Our philosophy for efficiency and conveniences results in a service that’s second to none. Gulf Air’s new integrated reservations system, Falcon, is the first of its kind in the Middle East . The Sabre-based system, a world leader, allows for an incredible range of facilities, and also offers the flexibility to allow for further expansion. Gulf Air’s Falcon 2000 accounting system, complements the reservations system with further services for members of the travel trade. The network connects all on -line and off-line Gulf Air offices worldwide, and also links us with over 400 travel agents in the Gulf region. Falcon manages a host of reservations facilities, including fare quotations, credit card verification and foreign currency conversion. A pre-reserving seat facility is available for First and Business Class, and reservations for connecting flights on other airlines can also be made through the system. Codeshare agreements are made easier, as Falcon enables passengers to finalise their itinerary at one station, and book their luggage through to their final destination . A pre-ticket Advice is available across Gulf Air’s entire network, enabling passengers to book and pay for tickets in any passenger’s name, to and from any destination. Special in- flight services for passengers can be booked through the system. Special meals for those passengers with medical, dietary or religious requirements, can be reserved in advance. Children aged 7-11, paying children fares flying on their own, can be booked into our free Unaccompanied Minors service. Younger infants travelling alone can be provided with a dedicated adult escort to care for them from departure to arrival and delivery to their parent/guardian at cost. Bassinets can also be requested for infants less than 2 years old for the elderly or incapacitated , we can arrange special assistance in-flight or on the ground. Those passengers who require regular medical clearance, can avail of our Frequent Traveller’s Medical Card (FREMEC) which cuts our the need for medical clearance before every journey. Requests for special assistance or facilities can be included when signing up for FREMEC. Passengers with special needs such as stretchers or oxygen, can request for these while booking their ticket. Falcon links up worldwide hotel and car rental company systems, with immediate confirmation, thus providing a comprehensive set of arrangements for the international traveller. With Falcon, our offices can also access information on worldwide package tours, weather updates and visa, health, passport or personal import requirements. At our city offices in Bahrain, Gulf Air also offers an Advance Check-In service for passengers travelling with hand baggage only, enabling them to save valuable time at the airport. Even on arrival, we offer special services, such as the free Speedlink bus service for First and Business Class passengers connecting between Heathrow and Gatwick when travelling between London and the USA. At Abu Dhabi, a free limousine service is available for First and Business Class passengers to and from the other emirates. Passengers travelling to Chittagong via Dhaka are also offered free bus tickets between Dhaka and Chittagong. Combining the strengths of efficient and professional personnel, with the technological advantages of a system so advanced, Gulf Air’s Reservations department is able to provide passengers with a smooth and comprehensive service that leaves no loose ends. By ensuring that every facet of the travelling experience is met with professionalism and competence, we present a style of service that’s second to none. Gulf Air. Come abroad for a world of difference.

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