Welcome to Australia

Australia really is the country with everything you dream about. Beautiful dramatic landscapes, breathtaking beaches, colourful cities with superb shops and reataurants, friendly people and a great climate are just some of the aspects of Australia you are certain to enjoy. You'll find a vibrant multi-cultural society and it is this diversity of influences that contributes directly to the rich cultural tapestry within the country.

Highlights of Australia

New South Wales

Rich with natural wonders; white sandy beaches and dense sub-tropical forests, rugged high country and the scorched expanses of the outback, to name just a few. It also boasts Australia's largest city, Sydney, host to the 2000 Olympic Games, and where you'll find some of the best dining, shopping, entertainment and culture in the country.


You'll find just about everything in Victoria; untouched eucalypt rainforests, sandy beaches, the Victorian Alps, the dazzling and cosmopolitan city of Melbourne, some of the best winemakers in the world, and towns that offer an insight into Australia's wild past.

South Australia

Internationally acclaimed wines are reason enough to visit this southern state, but they're just the tip of the iceberg. Enjoy world-famous festivals, art galleries and museums; cruise down the Murray River; watch sea lions at play on Kangaroo island.


Ever wanted to breathe the world's cleanest air, taste the purest water and wander through pristine, World Heritage-listed wilderness? Tasmania has all of these, plus friendly cities, internationally-renowned local food, beautiful rivers and parklands and perfectly preserved historic buildings.

Western Australia

Swim with dolphins in the crystal-clear ocean, explore the untouched wilderness of Kimberley, visit the historic town of Fremantle, go wine tasting in the famous Margaret River region or just live it up in the beautiful and friendly city of Perth.

Northern Territory

Australia's heartland is steeped in mystery. Full of ancient Dreamtime legends, the Territory also boasts balmy tropical beaches, lonely deserts, lush rainforests, stunning gorges and massive monoliths. Be as adventurous or as lazy as you like.


You'll find it all in Australia's "Sunshine State", the Spectacular Great Barrier Reef, the virgin rainforest of the Daintree, thousands of pristine white beaches, the beautiful Whitsunday Islands and, of course, the Outback. You'll also find fantastic entertainment, shopping, dining and nightlife in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.

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