Day Trains

Day trains have two seating arrangements :

  • Coach car seating (open with center aisle and two seats on either side)
    • 1st-class (two seats on one side of the aisle and seats on either side)
    • 2nd-class (two seats on either side of the aisle)
  • Compartment car  (separated into cabins which open to corridor along the side of the car)
    • 1st-class compartment car up to 6 persons
    • 2nd-class compartment car up to 8 persons

When reserving seats you may choose :

  • window seat (smoking or non-smoking)
  • aisle seat (smoking or non-smoking)
  • option for people traveling together to reserve adjoining seats or opposite seats, sometimes with table
  • other options for reservation : dining car seats or panorama carseats

Accommodation charges vary from 4 to 11 US Dollars.

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