X2000 (Sweden)

  • from Stockholm to Göteborg, Malmö, Karlstad / Arvika, Jonköping, Mora, Sundsvall / Härnösand, Karlskrona and Copenhagen and from Göteborg to Malmö and Copenhagen

  • up to 200 km/h (124 miles)
  • a high-speed train with special carriages that tilt in the bends (tilting trains) thus enabling trains to maintain speed in bends
  • ‘1st-class economy" and "Budget class"
  • extra service on board: free breakfast or sandwich, free coffee and tea, Swedish newspapers, radio and music channels (earphone plugs not included) in 1st-class; for Budget class radio and music channels (earphone plugs not included)
  • bistro carriage with sandwiches, drinks, and takeaway pizzas, telephone booth
  • reservation required
  • Eurail Passes accepted (please make sure that your Pass or ticket covers the entire section)
  • Eurailticket holders pay special rate for reservation inclusive of extra service

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