• since November 1999 these trains operate in Norway. In 2000 the network will be expanded considerably so that as of June 2000 the following Signatur trains will operate on the following tracks:
  • Oslo – Stavanger via Kristiansand
  • Oslo – Trondheim
  • Oslo – Bergen
  • trains with special carriages that tilt in the bends (tilting trains) thus enabling the trains to maintain speed in bends
  • maximum speed 210 km/h (130 mph)
  • 1st-class "Comfort Plus" and 2nd-class "Comfort" next to a coffee shop with lunch and dinner dishes, sandwiches and drinks
  • extra service on board: in Comfort Plus meals served on seats, telephone, laptop plug-ins and earphone plugs for music
  • smoking exclusively permitted in special smoking compartment, which cannot be reserved
  • reservation required
  • holders of Eurail Pass and Eurailticket pay special rate for reservation inclusive of service for Comfort Plus. For Comfort the regular reservation costs apply.
  • Eurail Passes and Eurailtickets accepted (please make sure that your Pass or ticket covers the entire section

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