CITYNIGHTLINE (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)

  • the following connections:
    • Dresden – Zürich via Leipzig
    • Berlin – Zürich via Frankfurt am Main
    • Hamburg – Zürich via Dortmund
  • Dortmund – Wien via Köln and Frankfurt am Main
  • luxury doubledeck nighttrains with special air-cushioned stabilizers
  • accommodation:
    • ‘Deluxe’ spacious compartments for 1 or 2 persons with wardrobe, table, chair and private shower and bathroom (1st-class)
    • ‘Economy’ compartments for 2 and 4 persons with comfortable beds and washing facilities
    • couchettes
    • reclining seats
    • bar and service car
  • surplus charge required for sleeping facilities: Deluxe and Economy inclusive of breakfast
  • Eurail Passes and Eurailtickets accepted (please make sure that your Pass or ticket covers the entire section)
  • All the compartments have air conditioning and are non-smoking. Smoking however is permitted in the bar.
  • reservation required

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