ICE (Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

  • Network covering practically the whole of Germany. Some trains go as far as Zürich or Interlaken in Switzerland and Vienna in Austria
  • trains run on hourly service
  • speed up to 280 km/h (174 miles)
  • 1st-class and 2nd-class compartments. In addition dining and self-service bistro car
  • the latest ICE trains are high-speed trains with special carriages that tilt in the bends (tilting cars) thus enabling trains to maintain speed in bends. These trains also have panorama carriages.
  • fully "non-smoking" trains except for front and back carriages
  • all seats have individual video screens, earphones and plug-ins for computers, laptops and notebooks
  • special section for mobile telephone facilities
  • Reservation not compulsory, except for 1st-class in ICE Sprinter early in the morning from Munich to Frankfurt am Main and vice versa (not applicable for later return trains). Yet reservation is recommended!!
  • Eurail Passes and Eurailtickets accepted (please make sure that your Pass or ticket covers the entire section)

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