Gulf Air Fleet

Gulf Air operates one of the world’s youngest fleets, the result of a multi-billion dollar aircraft acquisition programme. The average age of aircraft is less than three years, a graphic illustration of Gulf Air’s commitment to modern technology and passenger comfort. The airline operates four passenger aircraft types; Airbus A340-300s for long and ultra-long haul flights; Boeing 767-300ERs for long and medium-haul, Airbus A330-200s for medium and long haul flights and Airbus A320-200s for short to medium haul sectors.

Airbus A340-300

Gulf Air was the first airline in the Middle East and Asia to operate the Airbus A340-300. Among other routes, this ultra-long haul, four-engine aircraft operated the longest non-stop A340 scheduled commercial service in terms of flight time. Gulf Air believes its adaptations to an already passenger-friendly aircraft make its A340s among the most comfortable commercial airliners in operation.

First Class 12 full sleeper seats in 2-2-2 configuration. 62 inches seat pitch, 22 inches seat width, 16 inches recline. Automatic foot rest and adjustable lumber support. Personal arm-rest mounted video screens, personal video players, film library. 10-channel CD audio.

Business Class 24 sleeperette seats, 2-2-2 configuration, padded leg rests. All aisle or window seats. 50 inches seat pitch, 20 inches seat width and 10 inches recline. Personal arm-rest mounted video screens. 10-channel CD audio.

Economy Class 257 passengers in 2-4-2 configuration. No-one is more than one seat away from the aisles. 32 inches seat pitch, 7 inches recline and 18 inches seat width. Foot rests. In-flight entertainment is played on overhead monitors. 10-channel CD audio system.

General A340 features In-flight telephones available for all classes; 293 seats; third galley in Economy to optimises service efficiency; washroom for handicapped passengers; fully integrated in-flight entertainment system; fuel efficient and meets international noise limits by a wide margin; noise levels inside the cabin approx. 10 decibels quieter than other commercial jets.

Boeing 767-300ER

If not on the new A340-300's, Gulf Air's long-haul passengers enjoy the luxury of flying one of the modern B767-300 ER aircraft.

First Class 10 seats in 2-2-1 configuration ensure more single seats are available. 62 inches of leg-room. 16 inch recline, 22 inches of seat width. Personal arm rest mounted videos screens, personal video players and 10-channel CD audio.

Business Class 22 seats in 2-2-2 configuration, all window or aisle positions. 40 inch seat pitch. Eight inches of recline and 19 inches seat width. Personal arm-rest mounted video screens. 10-channel CD audio.

Economy Class 186 seats in 2-3-2, mostly window or aisle positions. 32 inches seat pitch, 18 inch width and seven inch recline. In-flight entertainment is played on overhead monitors. 10-channel CD audio.

Airbus A320-200

Gulf Air is the largest operator of A320s in the Middle East and one of the few airlines in the world and the only in the Middle East to offer a dedicated Business Class cabin on A320s, offering short-medium haul passengers levels of comfort in all classes other airlines can only aspire to.

First Class 12 seats in 2-2 configuration. 41 inch seat pitch, nine inch recline and 21 inch seat width. All window or aisle seats. Automatic foot rests and ample overhead stowage.

Business Class 15 seats in 2-3 configuration. 38 inch seat pitch, eight inch recline and 18 inch seat width.

Economy 102 seats in 3-3 configuration. 31 inch seat pitch, 17.5 inch seat width and six inches recline.

Airbus A330-200

Gulf Air designed a new A330-200 aircraft to give you more of everything you could possibly wish for. More space. With fewer seats in First and Business Class, you can revel in thier biggest ever seat pitches in truly intimate, exclusive environments.

First Class 12 seats in 2:2:2 configuration. 80 inches seat pitch-reclining to a supermely comfortable fully flat sleeping position. Adjustable lumber back support, neck, head and foot rests. Individual power port for charging PCs and other electronic devices, personal telephone for free seat-to-seat calls , international satellite connections.Pesonal vidio player . 10.4-inch screens.

Business Class 24 seats in 2:2:2 configuration. 50 inches seat pitch and a soothing 27.1 degree recline. Electronic seats with full adjustable neck, head and lumber supports, footrest, personal in-seat reading light, an electrical power port for charging PCs and telephone for seat-to-seat use. Individual television monitors fitted in each seat. Personal video player.

Economy Class 207 seats and a roomy 32 inch seat pitch, passengers are guaranteed the highest standards of personalised service from our highly-trained staff - with a 2:4:2 configuration. Every seat reclines some 12.24 degrees, has a jacket hanger, adjustable head and neck support plus essential lumber support and of course a footrest. An individual television with 6.5-inch monitor and telephone are available for every passenger.

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